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Snowmobiling Clubs

The sport of Snowmobiling as we know it would not exist without the hard work and dedication of Snowmobile clubs. From writing legislature to holding snowmobile safety courses to maintaining trails, Snowmobile clubs provide a fun filled way to enjoy winter and share family values.

Many snow states with winter sport activities thrive on tourism dollars from snowmobilers. By joining a snowmobile club you get the inside scoop on snowmobile friendly accommodations, restaurants, gasoline, guide services, sales, rentals, repair and old fashioned knowledge of local snowmobile trails and conditions.

Snowmobiling club activities

  • Management and expansion of right-of-way snowmobile trails between multiple property owners such as public utilities, private, state, town, government and businesses.
  • Often snowmobile clubs will monitor and self police their own trails
  • Observing state and government legislation and help to define future snowmobile legislature
  • Groom and maintain scenic snowmobile trails.
  • Participate in and sponsor year round snowmobile outings and workshops
  • Raise money through snowmobile event fundraisers for charities

Benefits of Snowmobile clubs

  • Access to newsletters and other snowmobile trade publications.
  • Awareness about International snowmobiling news.
  • Many snowmobile clubs provide liability insurance to land owners
  • The opportunity to meet like minded individuals who share a love of the great outdoors.
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and snowmobile trail information
  • A way to help create, maintain, mark and map, public and private trails for current and future snowmobile use.
  • A venue where all family members can participate and promote good conduct, sportsmanship, safety and nature conservation.
  • Educations in safety, first aid, correct operating techniques, and other information for safe snowmobile riding.

When deciding on a snowmobile club membership, pick one in the area that you think you will be doing most of your snowmobile riding, and then contact them to join.

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