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Snowmobile Trailers

The majority of snowmobile trailers have a 102” width, with different style to choose from depending on your personal taste and budget.

Open Tilt Snowmobile Trailers

Open Tilt Snowmobile Trailers are a good low budget choice for the recreational snowmobiler. Snowmobile trailers come in solid metal or metal sides with plywood floors. When purchasing a snowmobile trailer with a plywood floor consider the thickness of the plywood (5/8” or 3/4”) and make sure it’s Marine grade since the floor of your snowmobile trailer is open and exposed to severe winter weather conditions.
Basic models come with tie down bars and stainless steel crank handles, upgrades offer quick release tie down bars and E-Trac systems. E-Trac systems provided enhanced safety with a secure metal tracking mounted on the floor of the trailer with galvanized steel or aluminum "clips" that hold the snowmobile in place and snap into the tracking.

Tilt Snowmobile Trailer with Clam Shell Enclosure Combo

Another upgrade to the basic Tilt Snowmobile trailer is purchasing a hard mounted lift top clamshell cover. This solid plastic clam shell enclosure offers an affordable alternative to a fully enclosed snowmobile trailer.

Open Drive On/Off Snowmobile Trailers

The Open Drive On/Off Snowmobile trailer is an excellent choice for hauling up to four snowmobiles, since they come in a variety of lengths (up to 20 feet long). This snowmobile trailer style also comes equipped with stowable ramps.

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers

Enclosed snowmobile trailers provide a secure enclosed protection for hauling snowmobiles. As opposed to the open tilt trailer with a clam shell cover, an enclosed snowmobile trailer comes with rear drop door ramps and available in a variety of sizes from 10 to 20 feet long.
Other convenient options for enclosed snowmobile trailers include front-mounted v-nose ramps, halogen load lights and overhead cabinets, some models feature an inside height of up to 6'6" and widths of over 8 feet, front and rear ramps, LED stop/turn signals and interior dome lights.

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