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Snowmobile Storage

To help protect your snowmobile investment, snowmobile storage maintenance is mandatory:
  • Grease all fittings to force moisture out of all engine joints
  • Check the snomobile track for tears and tightness
  • Check snowmobile shocks for pitting and functionality
  • Check skis for alignment and wear
  • Wash and wax the snowmobile to remove dirt and salt
  • Drain old oil

There is a lot of debate about draining the gas and oil from snowmobiles before putting them into storage. Some snowmobile owners stand by traditional methods of draining their gas tank, carburetor and oil down to the cylinders to complete their pre storage snowmobile maintenance.

It must be noted that changing the oil in a snowmobile is nothing like changing your car oil. You have to use the correct oil and measures depending on whether it is a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. Also, access to draining the oil can include removing engine parts. Many service shops use suction tools for snowmobile oil extraction for this reason. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for proper instruction on your snowmobile’s make/model. Many snowmobile owners’ manuals are available online if you can’t locate your original.
  • FOGGING THE MOTOR is often performed as an added safeguard at repair shops and dealers. An oil mist aerosol such as AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil is sprayed into the snowmobiles intake motor continually until the engine stalls. This oil is thicker than regular oil and is intended to stick to the crankshaft surfaces and bearings during long periods of inactivity to prevent rust from forming.

Professional dealers such as Roger Pagent, owner of RPM in Nashua NH recommend fogging snowmobile motors after draining out old oil, in addition to using a gas additive before topping off the snowmobiles gas tank to seal out moisture instead of draining the gas tank.
  • Star Tron and a full fuel tank: Star Tron by Star Brite is a fuel additive that addresses water-related fuel problems. The enzyme package in Star Tron disperses water molecules that can collect in Ethanol enhanced gasoline, preventing moisture buildup that can contribute to fuel gelling, frozen fuel lines and corrosion

Bringing your snowmobile to a dealer or qualified mechanic at the end of the snowmobile season for pre storage care will help ensure your snowmobile gets proper attention. It’s also helpful to have a trained mechanic who is familiar with your snowmobile available to talk you through any mechanical emergencies in case you get stuck in adverse weather conditions.
Using these recommendations, when its time to take your snowmobile out of storage, you will need to simply change out the spark plugs and off you go!

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