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Twin Bridges Snowmobile Club and Trail Map - McGraw, NY

Twin Bridges Snowmobile Club and Trail Map - McGraw, NY

Twin Bridges Snowmobile Club
It all started back in 1965 when a Freetown dairy farmer decided he would try to sell these things called snowmobiles. It caught on very quickly as other area farmers decided it was a fun way to spend the winters as they had more time on their hands. In 1966 the group started meeting in the dealership which was also a sugarhouse. The sales started spreading out bringing many people in the McGraw area in on the new found fun and they decided to form an actual club. Twin Bridges Snowmobile Club, Inc. was born. The name originated from the two bridges on the McGraw-Marathon Road where the dealership was located. It has been an active club ever since making us the oldest club in Cortland County.

We currently have 18 miles of groomed trails (10 corridor and 8 secondary) which are part of the New York State trail system. Our trails are on private landowners and State land. It consists of woods, open fields and beautiful views of the area. We groom with two Blazer Sno-Buggy’s. In 2007 with gas prices reaching all time highs of $4.00 a gal we decided for the 2008 season to try this option and it has worked out to be the best groomers for our system. We had the two track Bombardiers and the four track Tucker over the years which worked fine but used double the gas the Blazers do and they do as good a job as the big machines. So come ride the area here in central New York and we bet you will be coming back year after year.

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