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Nighttime Snowmobiling

Night time snowmobiling is said to have originated at resort locations; but over the last few years its popularity has expanded to almost all snow states. Due to the enhanced risk when snowmobiling at night, additional safety precautions are recommended.
  • Snowmobile at night only on well lit trails, never in unfamiliar areas
  • Always wear an unobstructed view snowmobile helmet and be careful in freezing rain because your face shield may freeze over
  • Wear reflective patches on your helmet or on your body or arms
  • Keep your snowmobile headlight clean, free of snow and properly adjusted
  • Always carry a flare or flashlight for emergency signaling
  • Bring along a first aid kit, GPS, extra batteries and cell phone
  • Strap on a headlamp to your snowmobile helmet

Snowmobile trails appear differently at night so ride with a partner or group of snowmobiles, never snowmobile at night alone. Remember, without the benefit of peripheral vision to see the sides of the snowmobile trail; your nighttime reaction is limited.

Reduce Your Speed

Reduce your speed so you have time to respond safely and avoid any obstacles blocking the snowmobile trail. A good rule to remember is to not “overdrive” your snowmobile headlight – in other words, make sure you can stop within the length of your headlight beam. A snowmobile high beam is effective for about 200 feet. To avoid a collision, travel slower than 30 mph. The stopping distance at this speed is about 220 feet.

Be Alert For Animals

Many animals are nocturnal, and will be active and feeding during nighttime hours. Since snowmobile trails are packed down and easier to walk on than undisturbed snow, many nocturnal animals prefer to travel on snowmobiles trails, and tend to constantly cross over snowmobile paths.

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