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New Vs Used Snowmobiles

Whether you are purchasing a new snowmobile or buying a used snowmobile, keep in mind before you buy that you will need a place to store and maintain your snowmobile during the off season. Storage is an important consideration before making your purchase.

Research Before Buying

Before purchasing a snowmobile you may want the model/year for pricing and value through resources such as the Kelly Blue Book, online user forums and speak with retail dealers and experienced snowmobilers such as individuals from local snowmobile clubs - before the sale.

Snowmobile Storage

Check to see where the snowmobile was stored. Ideally it will be indoors, in a ventilated, climate controlled location. Ask how the seller stored the snowmobile during the off season. Did they drain the oil and gas and lube it? Are there service records available? Is there any proof of warranty work?

Bring a Buddy

It’s always good to have a buddy with you to ask questions you may not think of and have a second set of eyes to inspect the snowmobile with you.
  • Bring a flashlight to check under the hood.
  • Test all lights and switches to make sure they work.
  • Start the engine to determine the battery's condition. If possible, make sure the snowmobile engine is cold when you try this, since a warmed up engine is much easier to turn over.
  • Has the snowmobile been in a crash? Check for cracks, scrapes, dents and unusual welds

New snowmobiles

New snowmobiles are easier to finance, come with manufactures warrantees and you can choose your favorite color, style and brand without compromise. To see and test out the latest new snowmobile models, visit a nearby dealer, or go to a dealer websites such as

Used snowmobiles

Great deals are available for used snowmobiles through dealerships, consignment shops and private sales. If just starting out and this is your first snowmobile purchase, many folks choose to go with a smaller, lighter-weight used sled, trading up to a faster snowmobile with all the latest features and comforts after a year or two. Two non-standard features you may want to include in your snowmobile wish list are reverse gear – important when you miss a turn - and an electric start.

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